● EN10048-2.0 USB charging cart provides secure charging and storage for iPads, tablets and other devices up to 11″. Unlike other charging equipment, our charging carts is optimized for all kind of devices.

● Each charge port with independent LED indicator light and is controlled by an independent chip, smart charge, no need manual to set the charging time. Charging and data sync are performed simultaneously.

● 48 bay tablet charging cart, 48 bay iPad charging cart, support charging and sync function.

Products Specification

Model No.:




Charge/Sync Function:

Charge Only/Charge & Sync

Tablet/iPad max size:

Up to 11", thickness is up to 25mm




640 x 436 x 963 mm




Sheet Mental+ABS

Power Requirement:

100-240V @ 50-60Hz, 13A

Output to Each Device:

5V @ 2.4A

Total Power:



Lighting, Surge, Leaking, Overcurrent, Overvoltage protection

Indicator LED Lamps:



3C, CE, FCC, RoHS, Reach, CA65

Support System:



1 Year warranty for electronic system, 3 Year warranty for the body

Charging Solutions

Structure of the Cabinet

1. Laptop Seat with Beveled Edge. The top of the cabinet is to put the laptop, with the beveled edge to make sure the laptop safe.

3. Master Power & Data Panel: Master Power Switch; Laptop Power Socket x 2; USB Sync Socket; Circuit Breaker; Recessed Power Cord Storage.

4. Ventilation Fans x 6.

5. Air Vents.

6. Recessed Power Cord Storage

7. Bottom Bezel

8. Heavy Duty Locking Casters x 2

9. Heavy Duty Caster x 2

2. Ergonomic Handel.

5. Air Vents.

10. Layer Power & Sync Indicator Lights.

11. Device Power & Sync Indicator Lights.

12. Door Handle & Lock.


Free Installation. No need any professional electrician skills. Just connect to the power supply.

1. Electric Circuit

● Chips and PTC FUSE is with double current-limiting protection. When the current of USB port is up to 3A, run power-off protection immediately.

If only use PTC FUSE, the reaction needs 5-10 seconds, can not protection the devices.

● High-performance power, working voltage exceeds 5.7-6.75V,run power-off protection immediately. Restart the device after voltage is normal. Including over-load, over-current and surge function.

 High voltage leakage testing under UL standard: 3000V, USB leakage current is less than 10mA. Our charging cabinet, leakage current is 9mA. Earthling resistance is 35-75mΩ when the current is 25A.

2. Structure

● High and low temperature testing. Simulated high temperature is 70℃, low temperature is -20℃, each port charging is still normal.

● Cooling system: blow the cool wind from the bottom, exhaust the hot wind from the top, well ventilation.

3. Certification

● All the cabinets are passed 3C, CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH, CA65 certification and test.

4. Experienced

● With more than 20 years experienced for producing cabinets. Assembly line production and strict inspection.

5. Friendly Use

● Visualization: Charging status indicator LED lamp, can check every charger status.

 4”locking caster, easy to move the cabinet.

● No need to set the charging time. Intelligent charging.

● Convenient Maintenance: Module structure, if any damage, easy to change it. Each port is working independently.