● Our professional team can design, manufacture the charging carts as customer’s special requirements.

● We provide customized charging solutions.



Charging Solutions

Free Installation. No need any professional electrician skills. Just connect to the power supply.

1. Electric Circuit

● Chips and PTC FUSE is with double current-limiting protection. When the current of USB port is up to 3A, run power-off protection immediately.

If only use PTC FUSE, the reaction needs 5-10 seconds, can not protection the devices.

● High-performance power, working voltage exceeds 5.7-6.75V,run power-off protection immediately. Restart the device after voltage is normal. Including over-load, over-current and surge function.

 High voltage leakage testing under UL standard: 3000V, USB leakage current is less than 10mA. Our charging cabinet, leakage current is 9mA. Earthling resistance is 35-75mΩ when the current is 25A.

2. Structure

● High and low temperature testing. Simulated high temperature is 70℃, low temperature is -20℃, each port charging is still normal.

● Cooling system: blow the cool wind from the bottom, exhaust the hot wind from the top, well ventilation.

3. Certification

● All the cabinets are passed 3C, CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH, CA65 certification and test.

4. Experienced

● With more than 20 years experienced for producing cabinets. Assembly line production and strict inspection.

5. Friendly Use

 4”locking caster, easy to move the cabinet.

● Convenient Maintenance: Module structure, if any damage, easy to change it. Each port is working independently. If any damage port, it does not effect other ports charging..


▶ Precision Engineering.                            

▶ Modern Aesthetic Design                             

▶ Advanced Ergonomic Features                           

▶ Available in a range of modern designer colors      

The Certificate of the Charging Carts